Data for Practicing SQL

We built two (2) different datasets to encompass a motivating hypothetical that's based of personal experience. This is an abridged version of a practical dataset both Serge and I have had to interact with at work. In total, there's only one hundred twenty five (125) rows of data, but that's all you'll need to get up and running with SQL and/or continue to hone your skillset.

Dataset Accessibility
If you understand how to setup a local database, and/or already have on setup — we've made it really easy to access each dataset as a CSV file, and either upload or insert each dataset with SQL. All these files are stored in our San Francisco Data School Member Drive.​

If you don't understand how to setup a local database and need some help, get in touch via our Contact Us form or check out our Premium Membership offering (we'll let you use our database and BI Software partnerships)!

Important Note
These datasets are small on purpose, and not to be underestimated. It's incredibly powerful, and a great learning environment to know exactly what you're dealing with. In each new learning endeavor you'll be able to see the entire dataset shift in front of your eyes, thus allowing you to easily quality assure your progress. Even with just two (2) datasets and 125 entries/rows in total you'll still have an opportunity to uncover sophisticated SQL tasks.

​Dataset Overview and Specifications
Users - all of the people that have signed up for an account with your company (not all users have made a payment, and thus show in the Payments dataset)
Payments - the listing of transactions for people that have made a payment

The two datasets are able to be joined together!