The Analytics Education We Wish We Had When We First Started

Lifetime access to on-demand content, a community of aspiring data practitioners, and no prior experience required. Learn to work with Google Sheets, write SQL to a PostgreSQL Database powered by AWS, and build reports and dashboards in Looker.

Step-by-Step Learning Roadmap
Decode complexity, and know exactly where to start
Uncovering the world of data analytics, and decoding the complexity of tools is only the beginning.

We've spotted all the barriers, discovered how to piece together all the dimensions that matter most, and built a roadmap to help you land your first role as a data professional.

Access to the Most Popular Data Tools

How are you suppose to gain the experience with data tools if no one will give you a chance? Good news, we've got you covered:

Get access to the most popular data tools on the market, with datasets waiting for you: Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, and Looker.

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