A Beginner's Guide to Data

We put our first product in motion today by launching on Udemy, and we couldn't be more excited! The course is titled: A Beginner's Guide to Data, and it's the analytics context we wish we had, when we first started. Use the link provided to visit the official Udemy page and receive a 50% discount (automatically applied).

​Below is our official course trailer:

Course Overview
This course starts with an introduction to "The World of Data". Context is critical, and it most definitely applies to learning how to work with data. Before even touching a data tool, we believe it's vital that one fully understands the context surrounding them.

From there you'll delve deep in to the differences between Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering, and how each of these roles provide value in their own way. In addition, you'll gather a deep understanding of the tools used by professionals – which are the most popular, when one would be preferred over another, and how they can be used in collaboration.

Next, you'll learn about the technical processes that encompass the lineage of data. This section will enable you to internalize the concept of a data pipeline, and start building-up a lexicon and literacy for how data moves from collection to analysis.
Finally, you'll see a step-by-step learning roadmap to become a practitioner of Data Analytics. In this section you'll gain access to recommended steps to take after this course, and career paths that are most relevant.

One of the biggest challenges in getting started with data is finding the right place to start, we believe this is it.